Foldable phonesWe started the year with the major innovation of the foldable phone. Great, that’s all good, but what do telephone producers think about it overall? Here’s the news about foldable phones.

Foldable phones: who took part in the battle?

Let us remove any doubts, 2019 really is the year of the foldable phone, there’s no escaping this innovation. Indeed, we have the extraordinary Samsung Galaxy Fold foldable phone, as well as the Huawei Mate X. But... is it just these products we’re speaking of? Of course not, and that’s why here at WazzapMigrator, where we always seek to support people who are changing their phone, we have collected all the news about foldable phones in 2019. Keep reading to discover what the world of phones has in store for you. 

Samsung: the name says it all

The foldable Samsung phone is official. The company already tells us so in its name: Samsung Galaxy Fold. With its incredible look, it almost resembles a phone straight out of “Back to the future”, with its 7,3-inch screen that folds onto itself when you’re ready to put it in your pocket. You therefore have all the greatness of a smartphone Plus, combined with the comfort of being able to put it away effortlessly. 

OK, what about the price? This phone should cost around 2000 €, for customers using this currency. Even if you may find the price quite high, just think of it as more than a foldable phone: this is a technological upgrade. We are speaking of a 7,3-inch AMOLED display in slim and flexible polymeric material. It can run up to 3 apps simultaneously without any slowdowns or technical issues. It offers an impressive 6 professional cameras and a 12 GB RAM with 512 GB of integrated memory. A lot of space indeed! Furthermore, the 4380 mAh DUAL-CELL battery prevents any overloading and optimizes consumption levels allowing you to watch all the films you want, whenever you want. 

But... is the Samsung model the only one on offer?

No, actually Huawei has also entered the universe of foldable phones with its Mate X, presented at the MWC 2019. This folds in the opposite direction than the Samsung: when closed, the screen folds outwards instead of inwards. But it’s certainly not lacking in technology: we’re speaking of a full-screen 8-inch tablet. Once closed, you can still use both a front and back screen, as well as the camera. This very slim product also offers 5G connectivity.

What’s the cost? This costs slightly more than the Samsung Brand: approximately € 2.299 

MOTOROLA RAZR: the foldable phone that travels back to the past

The Motorola Razr is coming and, as confirmed in mid-April, will feature a foldable screen. Based on what we were given to understand, this model will not be far behind Samsung and Huawei. With this new foldable phone, the Vice President of Motorola claims the company "has no intention of falling behind others on the market". And this product certainly looks like it will be a fascinating one. First of all, it resembles the much beloved Motorola from the past, which made the brand’s fortune. And what’s more:

  • it closes perfectly
  • the external screen is a touch screen
  • it uses AI for photographic functions
  • its Turbo Power charger recharges the model immediately for hours of autonomy
  • it has a 128GB internal memory
  • it is waterproof

These are just some of its characteristics. So what’s the price? We still haven’t heard anything specific, but one can expect a competitive price for such impressive technology!

LG foldable phone: BENDI

LG has never enjoyed lagging behind Samsung, and is certainly one of the most engaged companies when it comes to developing foldable screen technology: it even worked on TVs! Over the past few months, LG confirmed it is working on foldable phones but offered no certainties or foretastes. However, we do know that it’s likely to be a surprising product. Currently, it looks like the LG foldable phone will feature two screens only.

What’s left to know?

Well, now that the foldable phone has gained its foothold and we too can focus on optimizing expenditures and space with a single tablet and smartphone solution, all we have to do is migrate everything from a device to the new one. What about chats on WhatsApp? Well, you’ll need our application, which you can download directly from here.