All iPhones and all Android phones are compatible with WazzapMigrator, especially the newer ones like Samsung S9/S10/Note 9, Huawei Mate P20, OnePlus 6/6T. We keep up with all major Android manufacturers in order to make the app compatible even before the phones are available on the market! 

If in doubt, just drop us a line!

Unfortunately it's not possible to migrate anymore if your phone can't let uninstall WhatsApp. This happens only with very old and specific Android, like Samsung S6/S7/J7. We're profoundly sorry for this, if you have another Android phone where you can perform the migration you could migrate on that, perform Google Drive backup and restore on the original phone, but we understand it's a non-optimal situation. What's more, we explicitly removed the app from Google Play Store as purchasable for such phones, so you shouldn't be able to buy at all if your phone is not supported!