At the end of year 2021, WazzapMigrator had to be updated to comply with new Google-mandated policies in regards of files management. Such changes (called SAF) led to huge performance downgrades for apps accessing thousands of files.

File I/O performance takes somewhat of a hit under SAF, but the most outstanding problem lies in file directory operations, where it’s ~25 to 50 times slower than the conventional file access possible in Pie. reference

Months were spent to tune WazzapMigrator's performances, but even 2-3  second/file meant migration was too slow (ie. 5000 images could be imported in no less than 8 hours !!!). We really felt like WazzapMigrator could be dead :/

In April 2022, we finally found a way to make the migration (quite) as fast as before: thanks to everyone who stuck with us! Make sure you update to release 7.0.0 or after.