Transfer your WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android

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Quickly transfer your data: messages, photos, videos and documents

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Extract WhatsApp archive from your old iPhone

Extract required file (ChatStorage.sqlite) from your iPhone backup, even if you've already sold your iPhone.

Extract required file
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Move WhatsApp archive to your Android device

You can transfer the file in any way you want: USB, email, Dropbox, Google Drive.

How to copy Whatsapp backup

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WazzapMigrator will work its magic and in the end you'll just need to reinstall WhatsApp, accepting to restore from local backup.

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I shifted myself from iOS to android and i invested almost 10-12 hours of my time figuring out how to do , what to do. I tried so many third party apps , even some answers on Quora said it's not possible. At around 12:00 am in the night when i almost gave up i came across this and purchased it. Within just 30 minutes i transferred all of my Whatsapp data Hassel free. It's simple and quick and full proof. If your whatsapp data is very dear to you don't think twice on investing on this app. Cheers

Tejas Mutha

A great app but a little complicated. Was trying to migrate data from iPhone to android for the last 5~6 days with no luck. But this app did it in just a couple of hours. Started doubtfully but ended with sucess. 👍👍👍

Aazim Khan

Freaking amazing!!! I can't believe it but its happened! I've got all my messages from iphone onto my huawei P30. This brutal stupidity that whatsapp put all its customers through is appalling. Enough of a pain to put me off using whatsapp altogether! WM worked great, with step by step instructions, minor issues when transferring onto the android as some files weren't compatible, but all in all I only deleted 23 files. And yes... it took me all day, but I was working while doing the migration and it is doable!! Thank you for this - WHAT A RELIEF!


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