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What you need

  • an Android device already running WhatsApp (do not enable Google Drive backup)
  • an iPhone Whatsapp archive (ChatStorage.sqlite) - you don't need the actual iPhone, just a recent backup

database migration

You just need a single file from your iPhone:


You can use any iTunes Backup Extractor to get the file, more info below:

When you have the ChatStorage.sqlite you just need to copy it to your Android device, in any way you want. WazzapMigrator will auto-search ChatStorage.sqlite in those folders:

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If you want to import your media too (photo, video, audio, etc) just take a look at How to import media.

How to install

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What you get

WazzapMigrator main screen WazzapMigrator process screen 

 WazzapMigrator settings


IMPORTANT: after conversion is completed make sure to uninstall and install again WhatsApp, as that's the only way WhatsApp will restore the new messages