WazzapMigrator's developer here. Not a huge corporation, just an indie developer providing a solution to get WhatsApp transferred from iPhone to Android.

I got asked why WazzapMigrator is not a free app/costs this much: shortly, this is because I try to provide a service and not only an app.

For many users, migrating from iPhone to Android could end up being not an easy task, many hiccups could come up due to using a brand-new system like Android, operating in ways and manners vastly different from the previous one. Even installing a new app could be a struggling point when coming from a totally different environment.

That's when WazzapMigrator support kicks-in: someone will always be available on the other end helping as much as he can. That's why I pride on providing a satisfied-or-reimbursed policy: this is how much I believe in WazzapMigrator. That's the guarantee we provide on getting your WhatsApp migrated.

For any help, feel free to drop me a line! Reply in 4-8h top, even shorter if possible!