If your media were not imported (ie: WazzapMigrator's final statistics reports photos and video as skipped or error) please check these steps:

  1. you copied over the Media folder from your iPhone and it's in the Download or WazzapMigrator folder, like in
    media folder in wazzapmigrator folder
  2. you copied the correct folder, it should look like this
    media folder image
  3. when copying Media folder from PC to Android, Windows asked you to convert photo and videos - this is not required
  4. the extractor you used did not extract the whole Media folder - you can try the free iBackup Viewer that was reported successful with several hundreds thousands of extracted Media
  5. not enough free space on your Android device - make sure you have at least double the size of the Media folder

If you still can't get your media just drop me a line or send me logs.