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WazzapMigrator is able to migrate WhatsApp media in addition to the messages: pictures, videos, contacts, GPS positions, voice notes.

You need Full version of WazzapMigrator in order to import your media. After that, you need to copy from iPhone the folder


the same way you already copied over the ChatStorage.sqlite (Windows or Mac instructions).

If you're looking for a free extractor you can use this one

NB: in latest WhatsApp backups there are 2 different Media folders. Make sure to copy the one under Library, as in the following screenshot.

Media folder extraction

You need to put it into the WazzapMigrator folder on your Android device. You can copy it from your PC to Android (with Android File Transfer for Mac or Kies for PC/Mac) or transfer by any other way (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).wazzapmigrator folder structure

windows do not convert

Also make sure that each subfolders inside the Media folder has a "@" in it, as some itunes backup extractors replace "@" with "_" (underscore).

Please note that if you already migrated your messages you need to perform a brand new migration as Whatsapp needs to be made aware of the new media that will be embedded in your imported conversation. 

You can also select a different Media folder like this:

media folder selection