WhatsApp news

2020 is here and it's time to find out more about the new WhatsApp features coming our way. So let’s take look at 2020!

#1 Dark Mode

One of the most talked about new features of WhatsApp 2020 is dark mode. Many companies have already chosen to include dark mode in their applications, especially since iOS and then Android 10 themes were enhanced with dark mode being available as a system-wide customisation. The same customisation should also enhance WhatsApp which should become dark this year.

There has been a lot of talk about dark mode for WhatsApp but so far the feature has not been released because it needs some small tweaks. In fact, some parts of the application were not completely compatible with dark mode. So how will it work? Switching will be, as with many applications, very simple, adjusting the settings will allow you to make the switch...but when? It looks like it will be available in the first few months of this year.

#2 WhatsApp 2020 deals with Fake News

The time has come for WhatsApp, which has now been owned by Facebook for many years, to verify the information that is circulating on its channels. One of the novelties for WhatsApp in 2020 is that we will also be able to add this option that could make it easier to verify the origin of information related to an image.

#3 Time limit for messages

Have you ever thought it would be great to send a message that would be available for a limited period of time? For example: you want to surprise someone and send them messages during the day and ensure the messages are deleted after a while. Well, one of the innovations for WhatsApp in 2020 will be timed messages that will allow users to set a deadline for automatic message deletion. Will this feature be available for everyone? No, WhatsApp has said that it will initially only be for chat groups, to avoid the excessive computational load associated with chat. So, say goodbye to the possibilities of BOTs.

#4 Do you just use WhatsApp on a mobile?

If you're in the minority who only need WhatsApp on one device then you’re lucky! Most people use the chat system also for work and they need WhatsApp on multiple devices, such as on a tablet as well as a smartphone. Until some time ago this was not possible, and most people were forced to use third-party applications which lead to considerable concern about the privacy of the chats. Not to mention the poor user experience as there were continuous blocks during use, bugs of various nature and interfaces that were not easy to use.

Now we can say goodbye to these security concerns thanks to the new WhatsApp 2020 that we can have on multiple devices. You can use the same account on different devices. This, of course, also will lead to new tablet applications dedicated to tablets!

#5 Bye-bye Windows Phones and others

Windows Phones can officially say goodbye to WhatsApp, as already stated in 2019, the 31 of December was the last day they were compatible with the messaging platform. And there are other devices that have reached the end of the line:

  • Android devices with 2.3.7

  • iOS 8 (starting from 1/02/2020)

For these devices you will no longer be able to create a new account or link an existing account. You will have to change device and to avoid losing chats remember to use our WazzapMigrator. Do you know how to use it? Find out more here:  https://www.wazzapmigrator.com

#6 Advertising, a looming presence

Since Facebook Inc. became owner of WhatsApp we have been constantly talking about when Mark would add advertising. In Business Manager you can already link a WhatsApp account to send SMSs with marketing and advertising messages! Just do a quick search and you’ll find a lot of articles about this very topic. Well, there is not any news about this and, for now, the closest we have come to the business world is WhatsApp Business for Android.

However, we have included this in what's new in WhatsApp 2020 because the company may decide to introduce customised advertising on the application to earn revenue from the many thousands of people who use it every day. These advertisements should appear only in the status area, as stories, and thus not have much effect on user’s conversations. We’ll wait and see.

#7 Paying

Following the introduction of the on-line payment platform, Facebook Pay, the possibility of paying using WhatsApp was also talked about. This seems like idle chat, as nothing has been confirmed or implemented on the chat and so we can talk about it as a WhatsApp 2020 novelty only because the parent company has decided to launch this option by the end of 2020. We’ll wait and see.

After a busy 2019 WhatsApp has managed to respond very well to its competitors, launching many new releases that have brought young people back to using the chat. Now 2020 is going to be even more hectic and we have always done our bit and helped WhatsApp be loved by young people who, thanks to WazzapMigrator, did not have to lose all their memories, chats and all the information that every day travel streams along the channels of this great application!

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