10 Upcoming Phones in 2020

It's been a long time since the birth of the first mobile phone and even the birth of the smartphone as we imagine it now. But what's new in smartphones for 2020? Let’s have a look.

From 1995 to present

Remember 1995? We used phones with tiny screens and an internet network at a snail's pace... when it worked! After a series of incredible, interesting and rapid technological developments, smartphone technology saw an exponential increase and paved the way for feature-rich devices. But where do we go from here with smartphone technology? Read more

Today, we really have a lot of room for improvement and yet it almost seems like phones are not moving forward. There have been great technologies for photography and battery life, etc. but now things are about to change, as demonstrated by the new 2020 smartphones: not only a lot of design features but also artificial intelligence. Let's see what the main brands will be offering us.

Samsung strikes again

Samsung still brings great technologies to the shops. The images of the Samsung Galaxy S11 with the borderless screen and expandable display really stand out. But it’s all highly uncertain. For now nothing has been decided even if they are putting out information about the different colours of the S11 (black, white, blue and pink). The technical features should include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC with mass storage memory up to 1 TB. Particular care has been paid to the camera, which finally takes a step forward compared to the Samsung standard. We’ll wait and see.

But the list of 2020 upcoming phones has some other gems to unveil, including the most widely known Apple...

Apple, a bite of technology

Can we really be satisfied with the warm response to the LCD screen of the latest iPhone XR? No, that's why we may really witness iPhone moving over to the OLED screen for its iPhone XII. The technology, however, will not be limited to this, Apple is launching itself headlong into artificial intelligence with its new chips. There are sure to be rumours swirling around this new 2020 smartphone, Apple has decided to change the shape of its smartphone completely, breaking all links with the past.

Probably in the shops in September 2020, iPhone XII will have wider antenna lines to ensure 5G connectivity for the device.

One Plus 7 and 7T

The One Plus 8 is expected to arrive by the end of summer 2020. OnePlus is a well-known smartphone manufacturer worldwide with an excellent quality-price ratio. The increase in sales is proof of this company's success.

The OnePlus 8 series will encompass many unique features, as the company CEO suggested. Let's start with 5G compatibility (which Apple did not want to exceed, stating that it is a technology little used in most countries). This time, One Plus has gone for a stunning, curved screen with minimal borders compared to the OnePlus 7 series and, at the top left, it has chosen to place a hole-punch camera, a new experiment on the company's smartphone.

Motorola, blast from the past

Motorola Razr was introduced in 2004. We all remember it as one of the most in-demand phones due to its slim and avant-garde shape. It was enormously successful and eventually became the world's best-selling clamshell phone to date. Over 130 million phones were sold over 4 years. And it is making comeback as one of the 2020 smartphones!

Motorola Razr is ready to make a comeback and surprisingly it could cost more than $ 1500, which means it will be more expensive than the iPhone XS Max. The phone, with its folding display, will have a flexible design based on OLED, also used for iPhone (we told you all about these rumours in this article.

Xiaomi returns in 2020

They say that Xiaomi is ready to unveil an incredible new smartphone in 2020. According to rumours, Xiaomi Mi 11 could have a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz or more. Mi Note 10 was a great success worldwide because it included so much technology for the price. But the parent company has decided not to be outdone with the new model, Mi Note 11, either. So, we can expect to have Adreno 760 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 with 12 GB of RAM. The built-in internal memory should have 128/256 / 512GB options and also a dedicated memory slot that accepts up to 512 GB of storage space. For now, nothing is confirmed.

Is that all? No way, we still have a lot to share with you on what smartphones brands have in store for us! In the meantime, however, think about which could be the right phone for you? And if you hesitate to change you old iPhone for a new Android smartphone, be reassured that your past WhatsApp chats will be preserved: download WazzapMigrator!